Silicate Minerals

By Melinda Darby Dyar, Mickey E. Gunter & Dennis Tasa

  • Release Date : 2014-05-19
  • Genre : Earth Sciences
  • FIle Size : 147.28 MB


Silicate Minerals This chapter explores all the silicate mineral groups by starting with the framework silicates in which silicate tetrahedra share all four corners, and then working through the standard classification schemes to the orthosilicates with isolated silicate tetrahedra. Along the way, common mineral groups and sub-groups are examined.
Topics covered in Chapter 22 include:
• Silica Polymorphs
• Feldspars
• Feldspathoids
• Zeolites
• Layer Silicates
• Polymorphism
• Amphiboles
• Swimming Octahedra
• Chains with Side Branches or Loops
• Pyroxenes
• Other Single-Chain Silicates
• Ring Silicates
• Disilicates
• Orthosilicates
• Borosilicates and Beryllosilicates

This Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy Series is specifically designed to take full advantage of digital media technology to empower students and teachers of mineralogy. Using color photographs, illustrations, movies, 3D models that can be rotated, interactive diagrams, and review questions, this series makes a challenging subject approachable. Also, each chapter in the series is available separately allowing the reader to pick and choose only those chapters they need for their specific course.